Not all employee benefits advisors are the same.

We know your business is unique. So, we designed our company's custom benefit solutions to be flexible and diverse, but we don't stop there. We focus on engagement, so your employees get the right plans that they understand and appreciate, and you get happy, healthy, and productive workers!

From your custom "Benefits Day " days to one-on-one assistance, CBSI is changing the conversation about benefits from COST to IMPACT.

Come check out your custom benefit solutions

CBSI offers customized benefit solutions that fit your business’ and employee’s needs. From group employee benefits to Medicare enrollment, payroll processing and management, and individual plans, we have programs and partners you’re sure to love. Click on the links below to explore what we can do for you!

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or you’d like to learn more, click HERE to set up a time to speak with us today!

Employee Benefits by CBSI

Check out our employee benefit solutions!

Are you maximizing the benefits you pay for your employees to have? At CBSI, we have a solution that improves engagement without increasing costs.


Medicare is a great option for you if you qualify. Let us help you determine your eligibility.

Choosing the right Medicare plan can be a frustrating experience. At CBSI, we’re helping eligible retirees find and enroll in the programs without the hassle.

Payroll Services by CBSI

payroll services overview page

Powered by Primepoint, our payroll services make it easy to manage the process from time-tracking to benefits and year-end reporting.

Individual Plans by Savoy Marketplace

Individual plans with our partners at Savoy Marketplace

Visit Savoy Marketplace, our partner for individual health care plans, to learn more about programs that were tailored just for you.