Looks like things are getting back to normal

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A little less than a month after 9/11, one of the guys on our men’s soccer team utters, “Looks like things are getting back to normal”. A bunch of us turned from our stretching to see what else he was going to say. “Someone just flipped me ‘the bird’ on the way over here”.

We all laughed and joked at how kind we were all to each other on the roads. How the oncoming cars into traffic COULD actually have the right of way and it was okay. The churches and the synagogues were full of people, our country was in pain and a lot of us were hurting.

I recently saw a friend on social media comment that in the worst of times compassionate people’s compassion grows even more and (fill in your own negative adjective) grow even more too.

We are starting to realize that we really do take our freedoms and liberties for granted. We are starting to understand that our heroes are not just the brave firefighters and first responders but also the medical workers who are working 12-hour days only to go home and be on call! The beautiful children who are drawing pictures and sending notes to seniors and shut ins.

How much more are we appreciating the home schooling parents and/or the teachers who live with our children during the day?

Yes, our lives have taken a turn like few of us could have ever imagined and we cannot even see the enemy that is attacking us!

Some 52+ years ago, the first live international satellite television show was broadcasted. It was called Our World. Most people have never even heard of that show. What is remembered is the closing performance of the broadcast. A song with the simple lyrics, “Love, Love is all you need”. We could all use Love to help each other.

Make it a point today to reach out to someone who you have not spoken to in a while. See if you can help a local non-profit that is supporting your community. We might never know what our acts of kindness might do but I have learned that I would rather help someone who does not need it than to not help someone who needs help.

Ray Hilbert, Co-founder of Truth At Work and the host of Bottom Line Faith podcast has some great tips for mental health and wellness during these times.

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